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Online Leadership Development Program and Training Platform

Unlock the power of the learning platform used by a quarter of tier 1 business schools to power their custom and executive education offerings. Teach critical communication, feedback, mentoring, leadership, and management skills effectively and across your entire organization. Train more leaders and convert more program participants into high-impact leaders.

Learning technology for when leadership development is an actual priority

Online leadership development gives organizations the flexibility they need to keep executives and managers engaged with the learning process. Each person will take a unique path on their way to becoming a leader withing the organization. The online platform increases collaboration and communication between instructors and participants to help the next generation of leaders reach their full potential.

Break learners into cohorts and small teams for collaboration 

Enable learners to connect across a large community so they can learn from each other and feel connected to the broader organization. Then break them into smaller communities of practice where they can apply and get feedback on the discrete skills and competencies they need to be successful leaders. Creates leaders who are multi-faceted, situationally aware, able to recognize patterns, and hone their skills through networks of practice and peer feedback.

“NovoEd provides a superior interactive and social learner experience with peer-to-peer learning, manager coaching and feedback, and opportunities for meaningful application.” 

Ed Emde, CEO, Wilson Learning

An integrated approach to facilitation, mentorship, and coaching

Scale leadership academies by doubling down on human connection. There are a lot of approaches to leadership development, and most of them require people with leadership competencies to transmit those complex competencies to the emerging talent that needs them. This can take years of trial and error and experience in different contexts, but NovoEd can accelerate the process.

Connect learners with mentors, managers, and leadership inside an online learning program‘s structure for support and coaching tailored to your organization’s culture, values, and strategic direction. The result? A broader roster of high-impact, trusted leaders who drive superior business performance.

“Discussions, a team environment, practice and assignments, and online manager support are all resources that have made the experience engaging for our global learners.” 

Global Learning and Development Manager

Flexible learning journeys to expand reach and impact

Transform instructor-led and virtual-instructor-led training by seamlessly blending together the best of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Create configurable journeys that address the needs of divergent learner populations, and bring them together where it counts. Push leadership development downstream and expand the reach of high-impact professional development opportunities to broader populations of learners. With NovoEd, you deliver highly effective leadership training at scale to a much broader set of executives, leaders, and managers.

“The NovoEd platform was clearly designed with the learner in mind as the user experience is really good. We chose NovoEd to profitably scale our reach and enhance the quality and impact of our programs.”

Abraham González Baez, Digital Learning Advisor, CEMEX

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A Case Study in Leadership

Read a case study presented by multinational conglomerate 3M on how it upskilled and aligned its global teams, increased the scope of its learning experiences, and used the NovoEd platform to bring it all together to increase its organizational leadership capabilities.

Customer Story

Digital Learning for the Enterprise:
A Biotech CLO’s Journey

“[The NovoEd platform is] the ‘glue’ that binds together a seamless, highly interactive, and engaging end-to-end learning experience” – PerkinElmer

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Customer Story

Enriching the Manager’s Leadership Journey: A Global Learn & Lead Program

As a leading multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional products, this company has had a longstanding commitment to leadership development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online leadership development?

Online leadership development online learning platforms and resources to enhance leadership skills and capabilities through interactive, peer-to-peer, and self-paced learning experiences. Online leadership programs connect learners with mentors for collaborative projects, practice scenarios, interactive discussions, and feedback to develop competent and multi-faceted leaders.

Why should I consider online leadership development for my team or myself?

Online leadership development with NovoEd offers flexibility, accessibility, and scalability. It allows upcoming leaders to learn at their own pace while accessing high-quality learning resources. Learners tap into a trusted global community of leaders and peers who impart skills and provide feedback.

What are the key benefits of online leadership development?

Since training is online, next-generation leaders can access mentors and leadership from across the globe for coaching, support, and thought-provoking feedback. Secondly, discussions and group assignments foster a collaborative learning environment and deep social connections. Finally, online leadership development scales learning cost-effectively as participants can learn from any location allowing organizations to reduce in-person training costs such as travel and accommodation expenses.

How does online leadership development work?

Online leadership development typically involves a combination of multimedia content, interactive group activities, discussions, practice, and assessments delivered through a learning management system or an online platform. Normally, learners are broken down into cohorts where they learn from and connect to peers while also applying and receiving feedback on their skills. At the same time, they train on customizable programs specific to their needs featuring synchronous and asynchronous approaches and connect with mentors, managers, and leadership.

Where can I get more information on online leadership training?

Our case studies, webinars, and eBooks explore the latest trends in online leadership training. Every executive is unique, with different strengths and learning objectives. Use these resources to tailor your leadership development program to your organization.