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About Us

NovoEd is a team of dedicated professionals brought together by a common passion for helping the modern workforce develop and retain the skills critical for success.

Blending passion and industry know-how to deliver high-impact learning experiences

Founded in 2012 in Stanford’s social algorithm laboratory, NovoEd was conceived to replicate the impact and engagement typically found in a collaborative classroom. Co-founders Farnaz Ronaghi and Amin Saberi sought to create a platform that would let individuals around the globe work together online, exchange ideas, and receive feedback.

They quickly discovered the opportunity for learners to connect and gain exposure to new ideas was the key driver of engagement. Over the next few years, NovoEd found increasing interest from a corporate market hungry to scale the benefits of collaborative learning for high-value skill development and capability building.

Today, organizations around the world rely on NovoEd to drive and sustain learning engagement.

Our values



We value and rely on integrity in every interaction with our colleagues, clients, and partners.


Delighting customers

We want every customer to find joy in learning and count on us to achieve real business impact.



We don’t follow digital learning trends. We set them — by constantly innovating with intent.



We promote a collaborative culture of ongoing excellence because employees — and learners — are stronger together.

Exceed Expectations

Exceeding expectations

We set the bar high to ensure any offering, service, or communication lives up to — and goes beyond — our own rigorous standards.

Customer Story


Our unique backgrounds and perspectives allow us to grow while remaining true to our authentic culture.

Commitment to Inclusion (DEIB)
NovoEd embraces an inclusive culture. As part of our DNA, inclusion fuels innovation and enables successful customer outcomes. We strive to attract, develop, and advance the most talented individuals regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, neurodiversity, or any other dimension. Our high-performing culture takes seriously accountability to inclusion, equity, and diversity with our colleagues, customers, and partners. NovoEd colleagues are provided with training and development with the goal to increase awareness and understanding of differences — and why this matters.

Meet the leadership team

With strong roots in collaborative workforce learning and engagement, NovoEd’s executive team is deeply passionate about partnering for impact.

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