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Foster a dynamic learning culture with collaborative learning that engages learners, promotes accountability, and strengthens and sustains learning across your organization.

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  • A representative will respond within a few hours to get a better understanding of your challenges and schedule a live demonstration at your convenience
  • Live demonstration with a Solutions Consultant and NovoEd Technical Expert to showcase how the product could best work for YOUR organization
  • Upfront answers to any questions about NovoEd you may have
  • Information about NovoEd pricing • No commitment whatsoever

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NovoEd demo?

A NovoEd demo is a personalized demonstration of the features, capabilities, and benefits of the NovoEd online learning platform. The demo presents how organizations can customize the NovoEd platform to meet their learning and development needs. It showcases the platform's interactive learning experiences, collaboration tools, and analytics capabilities, allowing organizations to assess how NovoEd can support their training, upskilling, onboarding, or diversity and inclusion initiatives.

How long does a NovoEd demo typically last?

The length of a NovoEd demo can range from a quick 15-minute overview to a more in-depth 60-minute session, depending on the organization's unique use cases.

Is there a cost for the NovoEd demo?

No, there is no cost for a demo of NovoEd.