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Seamlessly integrate collaborative learning experiences with existing learning technologies and the best of the online training world. Leverage a rich ecosystem of content, technology, and services to build capability academies at scale. 

The Ecosystem in Action

To help organizations realize their vision end-to-end, NovoEd provides an ecosystem of content, integrations, and partnerships that allow organizations to build custom Capability Academies, places to go to learn, share, and build expertise. Unlike corporate universities, these new academies offer digital learning experiences that value both context and content when enabling the complex skills necessary for success.

Get more from your existing content

There’s no need to start from scratch. Uplevel your existing content by enabling social and collaborative learning experiences at scale. Drive engagement and accelerate your time to deployment by bringing documents, videos, SCORM packages, and content library resources into the NovoEd platform.

Source new, transformational learning experiences

Benefit from the best of the online training world. Leverage a rich ecosystem of programs, built by industry-leading training firms and subject-matter experts. NovoEd’s training partners cover use cases from leadership development to design thinking, communication skills, sustainability, employee onboarding, operations, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and more.

Expand your capabilities with enterprise-centric professional services

Augment your capabilities with learning consulting, systems integration, workforce augmentation, and other professional services needed by complex learning organizations. Whether you’re building and deploying custom programs, enhancing your tech stack, or consulting subject matter experts, our services partners embed with and enable the world’s largest enterprises.

Seamlessly expand your existing tech stack

Add engaging, immersive training to your existing learning infrastructure. Provide easy access to social and collaborative learning, share data and manage deployments through integrations with learning management and learning experience platforms.

Key Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a partner ecosystem?

It is a collaborative network of training organizations, experts, and service providers that work together to deliver comprehensive learning solutions and support to customers. Our partner ecosystem comprises strategic alliances with industry-leading training firms, content providers, and technology integrators. This ecosystem enables NovoEd to offer clients a wide range of services, expertise, and resources, ensuring a holistic and tailored approach to address various learning and development needs.

Why is a partner ecosystem important?

A partner ecosystem is essential because it allows your organization to leverage diverse expertise and resources to meet your needs. It enables you to leverage programs developed by experts and industry-leading training firms. This ecosystem fosters innovation, accelerates the development and deployment of new capabilities, and provides access to a broader range of specialized knowledge and systems integrations, ultimately enhancing the value and impact of your learning programs and infrastructure.

What types of organizations are part of NovoEd's partner ecosystem?

NovoEd's partner ecosystem is comprised of a range of organizations. These include training firms that offer expertise in learning and development strategy and content providers that provide pre-built content or assist in content development. Our platform also integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Calendar, Saba, SumTotal, Degreed, Google Calendar, Workday, Salesforce, and others, allowing you to bring in your data and content, accelerate deployment, and seamlessly build your learning experiences.

What are the benefits of NovoEd's partner ecosystem?

Partnering with training firms provides access to specialized expertise in learning and development strategy, ensuring the design and implementation of effective programs. Collaborating with content providers offers a wide range of pre-built content or assistance in content development, saving time and effort in creating engaging learning materials. Our integrations with technology partners enable seamless connection of the learning platform with your existing business systems, maximizing the value of the learning experience.