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Solutions for Modern Corporate Training Providers

Your business relies on the ability to offer a differentiated, effective learning experience. Today, providers who built their reputations on delivering a premier, in-person experience need a digital offering that meets modern expectations. Meanwhile, those launching new digital learning experiences also require a platform that enhances their quality content.

With NovoEd, both groups easily tailor their offerings to stay on top of industry priorities, engage learners, and serve as a trusted partner.

How NovoEd expands your training offerings

Scale ongoing success

Seamlessly emulate your quality training content and premier in-person experience in a scalable digital format that delivers a best-in-class experience. Scale your offerings with a human touch, including mentoring, coaching, and group assignments, mirroring your engaging, intimate, high-impact learning experiences.

“NovoEd was a great collaborative partner in helping us design and build our corporate storytelling online course.” 

Janine Kurnoff, CIO and Co-Founder, The Presentation Company

Enhance your brand

Craft exceptional learning experiences that match and enhance your brand’s recognized assets and visual identity. You’ll gain the scale and flexibility of an online offering, while continuing to bolster your brand and reputation.

NovoEd Executive Education online learning platform logo

“NovoEd was mission-critical to create a differentiated, rich and engaging digital learning experience.”

Erin Streeter, VP, Certification Programs, Forrester

Grow your impact

Expand your reach and revenue by serving a larger, geographically diverse client base — without compromise. With the world as your classroom, you’ll serve learners across multiple external organizations via an online learning platform that delivers rich experiences at scale.

“NovoEd’s flexible learner experience platform is a key driver of the program, as it provides the classroom experience in a virtual environment.”

Global Learning and Development Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are corporate training providers?

Corporate training providers are professional educators who offer their training services to companies looking to educate their employees. These professionals operate in a wide range of industries and are usually tasked with executing clear learning objectives. Providers will need to change the way they offer their services as more companies go remote. They can increase their reach by adapting their educational products and templates for the digital age.