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Get the Most Out of Your Digital Learning Experience

Your online learning experience needs to change behaviors and drive measurable business results. NovoEd is here to serve as a partner in your success, helping you maximize our platform.

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Access support at every turn

NovoEd delivers more than an enterprise training platform. An extensive onboarding process prepares you to speed your time to impact, and regular check-ins ensure you remain current on functionality, product enhancements, and best practices to drive the desired impact from your digital learning experience.

Gain expert tips and knowledge

Unlimited access to our online knowledge base means the answers to your important questions, as well as up-to-date resources and insights, are at your fingertips 24/7.

Additional services

Our full suite of professional services and customer support — including onboarding, customer success, program design, delivery, and facilitation — ensures smooth organization-wide adoption.

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Customer Centricity: Developing Customer Centricity with Simulation Training

The concept of ‘Customer is King’ has been around for a long time in business contexts, and is still not outdated. However, it has changed in its application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer success?

Customer success refers to a company's proactive and strategic efforts to ensure its customers achieve their desired outcomes and derive value from its products or services. It involves building strong relationships, providing support, and helping customers achieve their goals.

How does NovoEd ensure customer success?

NovoEd ensures customer success by offering personalized support and guidance throughout the customer journey. We provide onboarding assistance, training resources, product enhancements, ongoing technical support, and strategic advice to help organizations maximize the value and impact of their learning programs.

What kind of support does NovoEd offer for onboarding and implementation?

NovoEd guides platform setup, content integration, user management, and program design. We offer training resources, best practice recommendations, and technical support to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of learning programs.