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Design & Development Services

Let NovoEd serve as your expert partner. We’re ready with nuanced advice and consultation for designing, building, and deploying engaging learning experiences. Our learning experience design consultants partner with you to reach your learning and business goals through intuitive, iterative design strategies.

Strategies to amplify learner engagement
and impact

Thoughtful, expert learning experience design

Meaningful learning experiences require meaningful design. Courses are structured to achieve your learning and business outcomes by creating a seamless user journey. You’ll partner with NovoEd, leveraging our expertise to incorporate audience learning objectives, activities, key content, and design elements.

“NovoEd was a great collaborative partner in helping us design and build our corporate storytelling online course. I’d highly recommend working with their design consultants to get your project in ideal shape for launch.”

Janine Kurnoff, CIO and Co-Founder, The Presentation Company

Fast implementation and development

Learning experience design consultants work with your internal teams and external partners to build and develop program structure. Quickly and efficiently structure your learning experiences, organize content, build assignments, and enable feature functionalities for your users.

“Learning designers and course creators can easily manipulate design elements and learning activities with the (new) drag and drop functionality. They can also use pre-built templates optimized for mobile.”

Jennifer Sullivan, Chief Learning Officer, PerkinElmer

Additional services

Our full suite of professional services and customer support — including onboarding, customer success, program design, delivery, and facilitation — ensures smooth organization-wide adoption.

Customer Story

Digital Learning for the Enterprise:
A Biotech CLO’s Journey

“NovoEd was a great collaborative partner in helping us design and build our corporate storytelling online course. I’d highly recommend working with their design consultants to get your project in ideal shape for launch.” – Janine Kurnoff, co-founder and chief innovation officer, The Presentation Company LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is learning experience design?

Learning experience design refers to the intentional and strategic process of creating engaging and effective learning experiences for employees or organizations. It involves the thoughtful design of instructional materials, activities, assessments, and interactions that promote meaningful learning and skill development. Learning experience design focuses on understanding learners' needs, incorporating instructional strategies, leveraging technology, and fostering active engagement to optimize the learning journey and achieve desired outcomes.

Why is learning experience design important?

When employees lack meaningful training and development opportunities, their productivity declines. Learning experience design is crucial as it helps create impactful and engaging learning experiences that promote learner motivation, employee retention, and knowledge transfer. It considers learners' needs, preferences, and contexts to design effective learning interventions.

What kind of learning experiences can be designed using NovoEd's learning experience design services?

The NovoEd team's expertise supports the creation of interactive and engaging learning experiences that incorporate multimedia content, social learning elements, assessments, and feedback mechanisms to ensure effective knowledge transfer and skill development. Organizations can apply our learning experience design services to design various learning experiences, including online courses in domains like onboarding, marketing, corporate storytelling, virtual classrooms, group assignments, multimedia learning modules, simulations, and collaborative projects. These designed learning experiences can be tailored to various industries, domains, and organizational needs.

What is the process for designing a learning experience with NovoEd?

The process starts with collaborating with NovoEd experts and your internal team to understand your learning objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes. Then, we partner to develop a program structure through an iterative design. This is followed by content development, instructional design, incorporating interactive activities – groups, projects, real-life scenarios, multimedia integration, and user functionalities to ensure the learning experience meets the desired goals and engages the learners effectively.