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Expand Your Horizons with Scalable Social Learning

Meet the ambitions of your strategic learning initiatives through learning experiences that connect globally distributed and diverse learners.

Design engaging learning experiences

Scale in-platform socialization and collaboration from one-to-one to thousands, with configurable cohort sizes and a diverse set of engagement features that scale up and down with your goals. Engage your learners, meet your learning objectives, and fit within the context of your organization. Intuitive design tools make it easy to create cohesive learning experiences that weave learning activities together.

Cultivate an organization that learns

Develop learning habits and foster learner engagement with our platform’s automated reinforcement and facilitation tools. Blend synchronous and asynchronous learning to stimulate collaboration over time and across geographies.

Accelerate your organizational transformation

Engage learners and reduce administrative hassle by bringing all your learning activities together on a single platform where you can facilitate courses, coach learners, create connections, and monitor impact.

Access learning from anywhere

Provide flexible, easy access to learning with iOS and Android apps and offline learning with no additional course design or development work.

Make learning safe and secure

Protect your learners and proprietary information with corporate-grade access and security that meets industry standards and regulatory requirements.

“Finally we have a digital solution where participants can learn from the courseware, learn from each other, learn by doing, and learn from personalized coaching feedback… all in ONE place!”

G2 Five-Star Review

Social, cohort-based learning that helps your learners absorb, internalize, and retain information

Key Features

Shorten time to impact with collaborative learning expertise

NovoEd offers a comprehensive set of service offerings to empower your organization’s success. Partner with our professional services and customer success teams to achieve your learning and business outcomes with the latest techniques and industry best practices.

Build business-critical capabilities with NovoEd’s learning solutions

From greater collaboration to leadership skills and mentor support, we have the learning solutions for every need.

Gain the building blocks for effective learning experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a social learning platform?

A social learning platform is an online platform that facilitates collaborative learning and interaction among learners across the globe. It enables learners to access learning resources from anywhere, engage with peers and mentors, share knowledge, and participate in discussions and activities.

What are some benefits of using NovoEd's social learning platform?

Our social learning platform offers flexible access to learning from anywhere at any time through mobile apps and offline learning, allowing you to scale learning and collaboration to thousands. Blending synchronous and asynchronous learning to enhance collaboration across regions, the platform promotes the development of learning habits through automated reinforcement and facilitation tools while providing customized dashboards for mentors and facilitators to support learners at scale.

What is the significance of a social learning platform in terms of scalability?

A social learning platform leverages mobile applications, communication tools, and flexible engagement features to scale learning experiences to accommodate many learners. The platform enables you to configure cohort sizes, adapt courses to suit different audiences, and send targeted communications to specific segments, easing the management of diverse learner groups at scale. At any time, learners across the globe can access content in multiple formats, interact with peers, practice on assignments, and collaborate on projects.

Can NovoEd's social learning platform support both synchronous and asynchronous learning?

Yes, NovoEd's social learning platform can support synchronous and asynchronous learning. It provides features for real-time interactions, such as live discussions, virtual sessions, and group projects, as well as asynchronous activities like peer reviews and self-paced learning modules.