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Drive Business Success with Learning Experience Design Services

A powerful learning experience deserves powerful support. Our expert Professional Services and Customer Success teams are dedicated to partnering with you to increase impact and ensure the success of your corporate online learning.

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A range of expertise to meet your needs

When you partner with NovoEd, you gain the passion and expertise to increase your success, achieve measurable impact, and improve your organizational outcomes.

From Day 1, we proactively communicate with you to gain a deep understanding of your business objectives and goals. During our extensive onboarding process, we’ll cover the how-to’s of the platform, as well as best practices and examples to shape your ideal learning experience.

Our systematic, thoughtful approach to your long-term success includes resources like webinars and best-practice guides on all aspects of learning design so your company maximizes the benefits of the NovoEd platform to drive the greatest impact. Unlimited use of our self-service knowledge base means you can access guides, tutorial videos, and answers to most questions, 24/7.

You can also opt to add the support and guidance of our Professional Services Team. Your relationship starts with expert advice and consultation based on your specific needs, from designing, building, and facilitating your ideal learning experience to delivery and measurement. That support remains steadfast as you analyze results and perfect your programs, growing and evolving with your changing business goals.

Services and support offerings

Design & development

Leverage our learning experience design services to design and build the program content and curricula, learning plans, and architectures to meet your critical business goals.

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Facilitation & program delivery

Our expert team will work with you to create and execute a custom course facilitation plan, including course communications, expert review, analysis, and assignment feedback.

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Customer success

From extensive onboarding to pre-launch prep, unlimited online knowledge base access, and ongoing enablement and support, your success is our priority.

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Gain additional support from our experienced Professional Services and Customer Support teams

Sometimes the road to successful digital learning initiatives requires extra guidance. Our Professional Services and Customer Support teams are at the ready with expert advice and strategies tailored to your individual questions, goals, and priorities.

Supported by years of experience, these teams constantly educate themselves on the latest design strategies and best practices in learner engagement. That holistic knowledge is reflected in their consultation acumen as they help design, build, and facilitate your tailored, high-impact learning experience. If you’re not sure what the ideal program looks like, they’re ready and waiting with ideas and support.

Customer Story

From Crotonville to Digital: Upskilling GE’s Global Workforce

“We’ve received great support and partnership, which speaks volumes of the NovoEd team. We’re able to have an open, authentic conversation with the NovoEd team, and to me, that is what makes a true partnership.” – General Electric

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are learning experience design services?

Learning experience design services refer to the expertise and support provided by NovoEd to help organizations design, create, and deploy engaging and effective learning experiences for their employees. They encompass curriculum design, online course and content development, and building learning plans and architectures to create a rich, immersive learning experience.

What does NovoEd's learning experience design process involve?

NovoEd's learning experience design process begins by collaborating with your organization to understand your learning objectives. Then we leverage our expertise to help your internal team design interactive and learner-centric content, incorporating multimedia elements. Course creators and designers can use NovoEd's pre-built templates to structure courses, organize learning activities, build assignments, and add user functionality.

What are the benefits of working with NovoEd for learning experience design services?

In addition to pre-built course templates, NovoEd brings extensive expertise in designing and delivering engaging online learning experiences. Our expert design consultants assist organizations in creating customized and interactive learning programs that align with their specific needs and goals. NovoEd's platform also tracks learner engagement and progress, producing valuable insights needed to improve your learning initiatives continuously.