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Executive Education Programs: An Unparalleled Digital Executive Education Experience

NovoEd enables executive education providers to build superior online learning experiences for your custom programs, open enrollment courses, and specialty programs. Scale the reach and impact of your brand, faculty, and curriculum beyond geographic limitations and provide a powerful experiential learning experience that meets the demands of executives across the globe.

Enable superior executive education

Provide powerful online learning

Deliver innovative, engaging learning experiences that meet the needs of modern-day leaders and develop executive-level competencies and capabilities. NovoEd’s online learning platform creates tightly integrated learning experiences for your programs and courses, combining instruction with opportunities for practice, application, discussion, and group projects.

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“We needed a collaborative, interactive, modern learning environment that would help working professionals immediately put into practice what they are learning.”

Erin Streeter, VP Certification Products, Forrester

Cultivate communities
of leaders

Provide customers and students with experiences that accelerate the acquisition of high-value strategic skills, from innovation and design thinking to communication and cross-cultural cooperation. NovoEd’s platform enables executive education providers to unite critical social, collaborative, and networking experiences. Learners form worldwide networks with peers, faculty, and teaching staff, benefitting from diverse perspectives and learning together in teams and groups.

“Discussions, a team environment, practice and assignments, and online manager support are all resources that have made the experience engaging for our global learners.”

Global Learning and Development Manager

Expand your impact

Expand your brand’s reach and revenue, and develop a digital executive education portfolio for your custom programs, open enrollment courses, and specialty and certificate programs. NovoEd’s platform helps transition and scale your courses and programs to innovative digital and blended learning experiences, reaching audiences anytime, anywhere with mobile and cloud-based access.

“LEAD courses don’t simply transfer classroom learning to the computer, but instead think creatively about how classroom learning can be adapted virtually in a way that’s easily digestible and concise.”

Customer Story

Darden Teaches Design Thinking on NovoEd

“Innovation happens when you treat it as an outcome that takes effort, expertise, new behaviors, and problem-solving skills.” – Professor Jeanne Liedtka, Darden School of Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is executive education?

Executive education refers to specialized learning programs designed for professionals in leadership or managerial roles to enhance their knowledge and capabilities in specific areas such as leadership development, strategic thinking, business acumen, and decision-making. These programs combine instruction with discussions, practice, group projects, and on-job application to provide targeted and high-impact learning experiences.

How can executive education programs benefit organizations and their leaders?

Executive education programs are instrumental in providing targeted learning experiences that address specific skill gaps and challenges. These programs can enhance leadership capabilities, foster innovation and strategic thinking, promote networking and collaboration among executives, and contribute to organizational growth and success.