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Integrated Learning:
Seamless Tech Stack Compatibility

NovoEd sends and receives all of your critical data through integrations with your learning and HR systems. Focus on building great programs, driving learner engagement, and achieving your goals instead of moving data, managing schedules, and tracking enrollment and completion. Use your existing tools for what they’re best at and NovoEd for your custom and strategic learning initiatives.

Expand the Capabilities of Your LMS or LXP

Add engaging, immersive training to your existing learning infrastructure. Provide easy access to collaborative learning and share data through integrations with learning management (LMS) and learning experience (LXP) platforms.

Seamlessly manage enrollments, sync learners, schedule events, and tracking completion and engagement through your existing systems

Integrations make NovoEd compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Saba, SumTotal,
Degreed, Microsoft 365 Calendar, Google Calendar, Salesforce and more!

Key Features

“(The) NovoEd learning platform is a cutting edge contemporary learning online platform, which constantly evolves, bringing powerful and relevant new features every few weeks.”

G2 Five-Star Review

NovoEd Integrates Social and Collaborative Learning Experiences Seamlessly in Your Tech Stack

Explore all of the integration features that enable our customers to manage their learning operations at scale, including: SSO authentification, LMS/LXP, Calendar Events, Live Events, Content, Developer API’s, Commerce, CRM, and LTI Support

NovoEd Integrations enable organizations to:

Get more from your existing content

There’s no need to start from scratch. Establish context, drive engagement, and speed your time-to-market by bringing documents, videos, SCORM packages, and content library resources into your learning experience.

Connect learning to business

Maximize the value of your existing investments by connecting the NovoEd online learning platform to the tools you use every day, including LMS, LXP, HRIS, and identity-management systems, business communication tools, as well as external content platforms and libraries.

Host live events with Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Maximize engagement in your learning experiences by combining synchronous and asynchronous learning modalities in a single cohesive experience. Incorporate video-conference tools to enrich experiences with live learning events.

Manage Learning Journeys

Build sequential journeys that follow a define course pathway, fllexible journeys in which learners can select and complete courses in any order they choose, or use a hybrid model.

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Video Practice


“NovoEd is an experiential platform. When bringing the classroom experience online, we wanted our employees to retain the ability to reflect on their learning, apply new skills, engage with colleagues, and receive feedback.”

A suite of services and partnerships to help you build and deploy collaborative and cohort-based experiences

NovoEd offers a comprehensive set of service offerings and partnerships to empower your organization’s success. Work with our customer success and professional services teams to achieve your learning and business objectives, or leverage one of our partners to enhance your capabilities.