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Ensuring Successful Online Course Delivery & Facilitation

Our expert learning experience design consultants partner with you to help plan your e-learning course facilitation, train your facilitators, and guide you on a facilitation process that leads to successful learning program delivery. Our expert review of your program and recommendations before course launch ensures you’re set up for success.

Maximize the impact of your learning

Facilitation that boosts engagement —
and drives results

Leverage NovoEd’s expertise in facilitating online learning. Partner with learning design consultants to plan for facilitation, get training, or, if needed, NovoEd can take on your facilitation activities to maximize your business outcomes.

“NovoEd was a great collaborative partner in helping us design and build our corporate storytelling online course. I’d highly recommend working with their design consultants to get your project in ideal shape for launch.”

Janine Kurnoff, CIO and Co-Founder, The Presentation Company

A high-quality learning experience

Your learners are ready to be engaged — and NovoEd is here to help. We partner with you to review your courses ahead of launch to ensure you’re set up for success, and guide your analysis of survey feedback and learner engagement data to help create ongoing success.

“NovoEd and Wilson Learning are closely aligned on fostering a dynamic, collaborative learning environment and accelerating skill development and enabling behavior change.”

Ed Emde, CEO, Wilson Learning

Additional services

Our full suite of professional services and customer support — including onboarding, customer success, program design, delivery, and facilitation — ensures smooth organization-wide adoption for the greatest impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can organizations get started with NovoEd's facilitation and program delivery services?

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How does NovoEd facilitate online learning?

We provide expert learning experience designers who assist in planning your learning courses, training facilitators, and guiding the facilitation process. Our experts review programs and make recommendations before the course launch to ensure a successful setup. Additionally, NovoEd can take on facilitation activities to maximize business outcomes and collaborate in analyzing survey feedback and learner engagement data.

How does NovoEd ensure the effectiveness of its facilitation and program delivery services?

NovoEd ensures its effectiveness in facilitation and program delivery services through expert reviews, monitoring features, data analytics, and ongoing support. We review courses before launch, train your facilitators, and offer guidance and best practices to optimize program delivery and outcomes. Also, we provide tools for monitoring learner engagement, assessing performance, and gathering feedback.

What are the benefits of facilitating online learning?

It offers the tools to build a high-quality learning experience with enhanced learner engagement and personalized learning. help continuously improve your online learning platform through iterative feedback loops.