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Mentorship Platform:
Intentionally Create Connection

There is no substitute for the imprint of personal relationships that contextualize learning and ground it in the reality of the business.

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On average, learners are 26% more engaged when they have access to a mentor.

As a social and collaborative learning company, NovoEd is deeply committed to mentorship, fusing productized insights from users with proven learning science and enterprise rigor.

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Empower learners with consistent feedback and guidance,
contextualized in the business and woven into the flow of learning

On a macro level, mentoring can also be an efficient way to generate
collective wisdom or crystallize institutional thought.

At NovoEd, mentoring has
been used to generate ideas and innovation in a population at scale,
whether a different approach to performance reviews or a new implementation
of design thinking.

In all these ways, mentoring can be a real strategy for
remote and hybrid learning that actualizes culture and workplace
principles while upskilling and connecting at scale. 

Key Features

“Using NovoEd, we can now extend the training experience over multiple weeks allowing participants to learn in the flow of work while demonstrating proficiency on specific topics week after week. This shifts our training programs from event-based to an experience-based approach where participants can immediately apply what they learned, often the same day they learned it.”

G2 Five-Star Review

6-Minute Demo

How exactly does NovoEd support mentorship in your cohort-based learning platform? One differentiator is our ability to embed engagement from mentors.  Learn more in this 6-minute demo.

NovoEd Mentorship empowers organizations to:

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Integrate high impact, scalable training into the flow of work 

Mentors have their own dedicated dashboards where they can monitor learner progress and evaluate, approve, or comment on submitted work. Thoughtful administrative features drive elegant and enterprise-level scaling. Users can set automated workflows that inform the mentor of key data requiring action like assignments that need to be approved, feedback that needs to be issued, and certificates that should be awarded.

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Generate collective wisdom and crystallize institutional thought with fluid mentor/learner dynamics

Mentorship can be interpreted to meet the various needs of organizations and learners. On NovoEd, mentors can be enrolled as learners while they are mentors; supervisors can have structured roles as mentors as well as mentees; participants can also have more than one mentor. In this way, mentoring becomes a dynamic and fluid concept. Additionally, mentors are prompted to share exemplar work product that may inspire others and can be included in a work gallery that consolidates company thought across all levels of the organization.

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Leverage insights from mentoring to evaluate output at scale and its degree of alignment with the business

Mentoring is connected with work product: For example, perhaps you already have identified your success criteria, the desired program outcomes. You can create a consistent rubric according to which all work/learning product (slides, documents, videos) can be evaluated by mentors. This empowers you to tell at a glance if the output across thousands of entries aligns with the core mission and if the program is moving the needle for the business.  

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Eliminate the need for file imports and heavy lifting with seamless productized integration 

How does mentoring work in your broader HR system? Reporting for the organization, specific business units, and individualized learner profiles is automatically updated through regular syncs, ensuring that the entire mentoring experience is streamlined and transparent, conducive to building an ROI case and buy-in from all company stakeholders.

Learn about more NovoEd product features

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Video Practice

“NovoEd is an experiential platform. When bringing the classroom experience online, we wanted our employees to retain the ability to reflect on their learning, apply new skills, engage with colleagues, and receive feedback.”

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A suite of services and partnerships to help you build and deploy collaborative and cohort-based experiences

NovoEd offers a comprehensive set of service offerings and partnerships to empower your organization’s success. Work with our customer success and professional services teams to achieve your learning and business objectives, or leverage one of our partners to enhance your capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does NovoEd support mentorship?

NovoEd facilitates mentorship programs with our learning platform by connecting mentors and mentees in a structured and supportive learning environment. Mentors monitor learner progress through the platform, evaluate submitted tasks, and offer feedback.

How does mentorship work with NovoEd?

NovoEd helps organizations to create mentorship programs and match mentors with mentees based on their goals, interests, and expertise. It provides a dashboard to track progress and tools for communication, goal setting, resource sharing, and feedback to facilitate effective mentorship relationships. Also, the platform allows you to align your mentorship outcomes to your organization's goals by designing a standard template to evaluate learning resources, activities, and mentorship output.

What are the benefits of using mentorship in learning programs?

NovoEd can automate workflows, for instance, informing mentors on pending actions such as issuing feedback and approving assignments, and provides insights at scale on alignment between mentorship output and business objectives. The dashboard provides a centralized view of learner progress and action items, enabling mentors to engage directly with learners on their submissions and provide actionable feedback using evaluation forms. Finally, it supports a learning culture where learners and mentors can have multiple mentors creating a fluid and dynamic learning environment.