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Digital Transformation for Future-Focused Organizations

Build the skills and capabilities to shift your organization to a mindset wired for an increasingly evolving digital world. Expand essential skills organization-wide, empowering employees to interact with customers and one another in new ways. You’ll drive game-changing innovation and new operational imperatives.

Transformative technology and systems require transformative learning

Deepen your market advantage by unleashing innovative processes and mindsets in your organization. Swiftly guide your workforce past skills, knowledge, and even application of digital skills to deeply internalized capabilities — and make the shift toward digital transformation. 

Solutions Digital Transformation

Create contextualized experiences

Disruption to operating models can change how organizations deliver value, requiring  workforce upskilling and evolving employee relationships to their roles, each other, and the organizations.  Manifold together all the elements of training needed to make this a reality by combining the best of cohort-based online training with integrated live events, calendar-based reminders, and automatic course communications. Leveraging a cohesive learning environment that combines knowledge acquisition, coaching, teamwork, and discussion to drive requisite capability development.

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“Global enterprises are seeking ways to better connect their distributed workforce with a collaborative learning experience that is engaging, scalable, and measurable. NovoEd’s platform supports this market demand to upskill employees so they can thrive in the new world of work.” 

Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner, Future Workplace
Solutions Digital Transformation

Do change management the right way

Enable learners to connect across a large community so they can learn from each other and feel connected to the broader organization. Then break them into smaller communities of practice where they can transfer ideas, apply new knowledge and receive feedback on the discrete skills and competencies they’ve developed. Finally, reinforce newly acquired behaviors, mindsets, and capabilities with continuous social and collaborative learning. 

“[The NovoEd platform is] the ‘glue’ that binds together a seamless, highly interactive, and engaging end-to-end learning experience.” 

Jennifer Sullivan, Chief Learning Officer, PerkinElmer
Solutions Digital Transformation

Flexible learning journeys to expand reach and impact

Transform instructor-led and virtual-instructor-led training by seamlessly blending together the best of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Create configurable journeys that address the needs of divergent learner populations, and bring them together where it counts. Push leadership development downstream and expand the reach of high-impact professional development opportunities to broader populations of learners. With NovoEd, you deliver highly effective leadership training at scale to a much broader set of executives, leaders, and managers.

“I think the acquisition of LXD skills, coupled with your platform, is very timely. As the rest of the world is grappling with how to convert courses online due to the current situation, we are already ahead of the game”

Iris Garcia, Global HR Shared Services, Chevron

Customer Story

Taking on Digital Transformation: CEMEX Leverages Online Learning

“The NovoEd platform was clearly designed with the learner in mind, as the user experience is really good. We chose NovoEd to profitably scale our reach and enhance the quality and impact of our programs.” – CEMEX

Customer Story

From Crotonville to Digital: Upskilling GE’s Global Workforce

“We’ve received great support and partnership, which speaks volumes of the NovoEd team. We’re able to have an open, authentic conversation with the NovoEd team, and to me, that is what makes a true partnership.” – General Electric

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation involves integrating digital technologies across various aspects of business, including operations, processes, products, and customer experiences. The intention is to enhance agility, boost operating efficiency, drive innovation, and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately driving growth and competitiveness.

Why is digital transformation important?

Digital transformation enables organizations to stay competitive in the digital age, capitalize on technological advancements, meet customer expectations, and optimize operations. It also facilitates innovation, allowing organizations to identify business opportunities and develop new revenue streams.

What are the benefits of a successful digital transformation?

Digital transformation is essential because it maintains organizational competitiveness and relevance in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Companies enjoy cost savings and increased productivity from using digital tools to streamline operations, automate processes, and improve efficiency. Also, organizations leverage data-driven insights to deliver enhanced customer experiences and innovate in new ways fostering business growth and resilience.

How can organizations overcome the challenges of digital transformation?

First, fostering a culture of agility and adaptability, where employees are encouraged to embrace change and continuously learn new digital skills. Secondly, organizations should prioritize clear communication and transparency throughout the transformation process to ensure alignment and manage expectations. Lastly, partnering with experts or leveraging external resources, such as online learning platforms like NovoEd, can provide access to specialized knowledge and support in navigating the complexities of digital transformation.