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Collaborative Learning: Harness the Power of a Collaborative Learning Platform

Leverage social and collaborative learning to engage learners, promotes accountability, and strengthen and sustain learning across your organization.

Drive better business results

Go beyond content consumption to empower your learners with real skills they can use. NovoEd’s collaborative learning platform provides opportunities for practice and application, online discussion and feedback, team-based collaborative learning and real-world application, and coaching and mentorship — all within a streamlined, cohesive learner experience.

What cohort-based learning means to your organization

The NovoEd cohort-based learning platform is a powerful tool for organizations that want to improve their hybrid or online courses, as well as learner connection and growth. Dive deeper into why collaboration platforms are the future of skills development.


The only platform to offer a comprehensive solution to all your learning needs

Think of NovoEd as a reimagined classroom that replicates in-person learning to deliver rich online collaborative learning experiences. We foster the dynamics you find in in-person traditional classrooms — but at scale.

Practice & Application
Discussion & Feedback
Team-Based Projects
Mentors & Managers

Integrate practice, feedback, and application

Close the gap between online learning and on-the-job performance with learning activities that change mindsets and behaviors. Engage learners with opportunities to learn in the context of work through individual and team projects that can include video practice, role play, presentations, and more collaborative learning activities.

Facilitate peer-to-peer connection in the flow of learning

Embrace a culture of feedback through discussions and constructive conversations in a safe space. Contextualized discussions and feedback from peers and mentors on projects enhance learning and develop your workplace culture.

Enable team-based learning

Promote collaboration across your organization through learning experiences where groups of people work in teams on work-related projects — in real time and asynchronously — and develop the critical interpersonal skills that are essential to business.

Interface learners with managers, mentors, coaches, and facilitators

Support employee growth and develop your culture by connecting learners with organizational expertise and wisdom. Learners and leaders can learn from each other through group discussion and individual opportunities for informal and formal feedback.

“NovoEd had everything we needed to be effective in training our employees.”

G2 5-Star Review

Key Features

Shorten time to impact with collaborative learning expertise

NovoEd offers a comprehensive set of service offerings to empower your organization’s success. Partner with our professional services and customer success teams to achieve your learning and business outcomes with the latest techniques and industry best practices.

Build business-critical capabilities with NovoEd’s learning solutions

From greater collaboration to leadership skills and mentor support, we have the learning tool for every need.

Gain the building blocks for effective learning experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Collaborative Learning Platform?

A collaborative learning platform is a web-based software program designed to accommodate the various learning and development needs of an organization at scale. Mentors and employees can use the platform to interact in real-time as they work towards unified learning goals. The workflow can be tailored to workers of various experience levels to keep them engaged in the learning process.

What are the benefits of using a collaborative learning platform?

By using an collaborative learning platform, an organization can enable its learners to communicate with one another in real-time or asynchronously. Instructors and students can engage in virtual-led-discussions, ask questions, and collaborate on projects in a remote environment without losing the benefits of being in person.

What effects could a collaborative learning platform have on my team?

A collaborative learning platform can enable learning and development programs to produce company-wide alignment and enforce a common vision between teams and across the organization. In addition, an employee’s journey with an organization — from onboarding to upskilling to leadership development — should incorporate learning and culture building in the flow of work, continuously, and with consistent human interaction. And forming and reinforcing employee connections with both each other and the company are most effective when cohesive learning experiences are extended to entire teams and business units.