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Is Purpose Working?

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The health, economic, and social crises of 2020 have accelerated a trend towards organizations seeking to act with greater and broader purpose for the good of many stakeholders—and not just shareholders.

NovoEd is proud to sponsor an innovative, new podcast series that showcases the latest thought leadership on purpose-driven companies. Here you will find an archive of the episodes, exclusive content, as well as perspectives and resources that connect purpose to learning.

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10 Things Corporate Learning Leaders Need to Know About Purpose

How should L&D leaders engage? Over a six month period, we collaborated with RedThread Research, Learning Futures Group – and thought leaders from major organizations around the world – to bring you their perspectives on purpose and how corporate learning plays a role in achieving purpose.

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Purpose Driven Learning in Turbulent Times

Purpose in an organization involves learning to work collectively and leveraging engagement. To achieve this dynamic, organizations have embraced three core concepts of purpose-driven learning to transform key learning programs.

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Building Organizational Capabilities in the New Normal

At a time when we are collectively asked to do better, skills and capabilities can align to drive change so that we all can thrive, and not just survive.

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About the producers of the podcast

Stacia Garr and Dani Johnson are co-founders and principal analysts at RedThread Research, a human capital research and advisory firm that provides unbiased research on talent management, learning, diversity and inclusion, and people analytics – as well as the supporting technologies. Learn more

Chris Pirie is the founder and CEO of The Learning Futures Group, which helps organizations rethink their learning and development strategy in the face of historic workplace disruption and change. Learn more

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