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Training Analytics:
Generate Deep Usable Data

NovoEd offers analytics made for real learning journeys. We show where and how groups of learners align meaningfully with each other and the business. 

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Measure and maximize your business results

Whether you’re iterating on and refining a learning program, demonstrating value, delighting learners, or doing all three, NovoEd analytics are there to give you insight where it counts. Experience analytics made for real learning – the translation of complex concepts from one person to another. 

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NovoEd supports deep reporting and
analytics into every program

From individual and team activity, to assignment-specific data including
completion, engagement, and performance.

Key Features

“Using NovoEd, we can now extend the training experience over multiple weeks allowing participants to learn in the flow of work while demonstrating proficiency on specific topics week after week. This shifts our training programs from event-based to an experience-based approach where participants can immediately apply what they learned, often the same day they learned it.”

G2 Five-Star Review

7-Minute Demo

Use out-of-the-box reports or customize your own reports and dashboards. Then export data into almost any productivity and business intelligence tools. Watch this 7-minute analytics video to see how it works:

NovoEd Analytics enable organizations to:

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Analyze deep capability building with customizable insights 

There are many learning platforms out there. Some are focused on hard skills. Or content distribution. NovoEd focuses on the big problems: deep capability building for true performance readiness. The complex skill-sets that are hardest to transfer from one person to another. Think context, situational awareness, shades of gray. The kinds of learning usually reserved for the most elite and premium leaders in an organization. Achieve this learning at scale, and what’s more – understand it, measure it, and improve it continually – for world-class results and true organizational transformation

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Measure and maximize your business results

Get a front-row view into your learning and development programs, revealing areas of success and opportunities for improvement. With NovoEd data and analytics capabilities, you’ll gain real-time insight into the effectiveness of your learning experiences, creating opportunities to optimize your impact.

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Deliver transformational engagement and motivation

Social and collaborative learning means you can track learner engagement every step of the way. And put your finger on what really works, whether it’s video practice, submission galleries, or a sequence of activities that brilliantly bring a concept (and all the perspectives around it) to life. Measure practice, feedback, application, and in-platform human connection. Use the data to identify points of disconnect and iterate on programs in-flight. Experiment and see what forms of learning objectively bring your learners back for more.

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Assess program quality incisively and holistically 

Compare cohorts to one another to A/B test learning strategies. Develop a holistic understanding of the quality and depth of your programs by analyzing activities, projects, comments, video practice, discussions, and platform utilization at every step of a learning journey from launch to post-program sustainment.

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Feed programs and completion data to your LMS

If learners are not progressing through and completing material, they’re not changing mindsets or behaviors. Measure the essentials with dashboard reports on logins, completions, and proficiency scores. But don’t stop there. Communicate the value of learning to other departments and other business leaders through customized insights. 

In this 30-minute on-demand product tour, we show you how your organization can pull the data that matters to create better learning programs and to prove the resulting organizational impact.

We also demonstrate how NovoEd can help you:

  • Evaluate the returns of your learning programs
  • Identify learner patterns, identify gaps in the effectiveness of your programs, and make informed decisions 

Learn about more NovoEd product features

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Video Practice

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“NovoEd is an experiential platform. When bringing the classroom experience online, we wanted our employees to retain the ability to reflect on their learning, apply new skills, engage with colleagues, and receive feedback.”

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A suite of services and partnerships to help you build and deploy collaborative and cohort-based experiences

NovoEd offers a comprehensive set of service offerings and partnerships to empower your organization’s success. Work with our customer success and professional services teams to achieve your learning and business objectives, or leverage one of our partners to enhance your capabilities.

A learning platform built for mission-critical use cases

Our platform is built for the big stuff, so that you can focus on driving impact.

Gain the building blocks for effective learning experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are training analytics?

Training analytics involves collecting, assessing, and interpreting data related to learning and training activities. It consists in tracking and measuring metrics to gain insights into learner performance, engagement, completion rates, and the effectiveness of learning programs.

What kind of data can be analyzed through training analytics?

Training analytics can analyze various data types, including learner engagement metrics (such as logins, in-platform human connection, course completion rates, and time spent on activities), proficiency scores, learner feedback and satisfaction, feedback application, learning outcomes, and other key performance indicators.

Can training analytics be used to improve the effectiveness of learning programs?

Yes. By analyzing reports and tracking learners' activity, organizations can identify areas for improvement, optimize content and delivery methods, personalize learning experiences, track learner progress, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their training initiatives' overall impact and success.