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Perfect Your Approach to Corporate Training with an Enterprise Learning Platform

Today’s workforce is undergoing a rapid evolution. Your core organizational capabilities need to be developed to match the pace of your business.

NovoEd helps leading organizations build their strategic capabilities through collaboration and the active exchange of learning around content and between people. You’ll activate the deep skill development needed for enduring behavior change in the context of your modern business.

Enterprise learning that fuels transformation

Increase the business impact of learning

The business skills that matter most won’t emerge from isolated e-learning and self-directed content. Join some of the world’s largest, most sophisticated companies on a path to better results through NovoEd. You’ll improve organizational performance, thanks to a forward-thinking, collaborative online learning strategy.

“The NovoEd platform was clearly designed with the learner in mind, as the user experience is really good. We chose NovoEd to profitably scale our reach and enhance the quality and impact of our programs.” 

Abraham González Baez, Digital Learning Advisor, CEMEX University

Increase employee engagement

Improve employee engagement with NovoEd’s experiential, team-based learning platform. Make every learning interaction meaningful and productive thanks to relevant content and access to perspective and expertise from peers, managers, and mentors. You’ll foster a culture of learning that drives transformational business results.

“Global enterprises are seeking ways to better connect their distributed workforce with a collaborative learning experience that is engaging, scalable and measurable. NovoEd’s platform supports this market demand to upskill employees so they can thrive in the new world of work.”

Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner, Future Workplace

Train your workforce at scale

Address the increasingly complex needs of your diverse, global workforce. With our collaborative learning platform, you’ll fuel organizational transformation at scale, advancing core, mission-critical capabilities with a pace and efficacy that was previously unimaginable.

“NovoEd is an experiential platform. When bringing the classroom experience online, we wanted our employees to retain the ability to reflect on their learning, apply new skills, engage with colleagues, and receive feedback.”

Sara Ley, Former Digital Learning and Technology Leader, GE

Customer Story

Reimagining and Accelerating Leader Development at 3M: A Social Learning Success Story

Read a case study presented by multinational conglomerate 3M on how it upskilled and aligned its global teams, increased the scope of its learning experiences, and used the NovoEd platform to bring it all together to increase its organizational leadership capabilities.

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