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  • Hippocrates Challenge

    Starting Fall 2014
    By Jill Helms
    Stanford University

    Hippocrates Challenge

    Hippocrates Challenge 2014 is a course designed for anyone with an interest in medicine. The course focuses on teaching anatomy in an interactive way, students will learn about diagnosis and treatment planning while...

  • Raising Startup Capital

    June 16, 2014
    July 25, 2014
    By Clint Korver and Jenny Rooke
    Kauffman Fellows Academy

    Raising Startup Capital

    In this online course, you will learn what type of investment is best for your startup: venture capital, angel capital, grant funding, friends-and-family funding or self-funding. You will learn from experienced...

  • The Startup Pitch

    May 05, 2014
    By Chris Lipp
    Kauffman Fellows Academy

    The Startup Pitch

    This course is designed to improve your pitch and win funding faster. You will learn the four components of every pitch based on case studies of pitches that worked. You will gain strategies to pitch persuasively...

  • Creativity: Music to My Ears

    April 02, 2014
    May 07, 2014
    By Tina Seelig
    Stanford University

    Creativity: Music to My Ears

    In this course, Tina Seelig reveals a set of tools and conditions that we each control - our Innovation Engine - that allows us to increase our own creativity and that of our teams and organizations. She shows that...

  • Finance

    April 29, 2013
    June 23, 2013
    By Kay Giesecke
    Stanford University


    This class introduces the basic concepts of modern finance and their practical application. Learn about financial markets and securities, how to rank investment alternatives, use different interest rates, immunize a...

  • Design Thinking Action Lab

    July 22, 2013
    August 26, 2013
    By Leticia Britos Cavagnaro
    Stanford University

    Design Thinking Action Lab

    In this experiential course, Stanford lecturer and Epicenter Deputy Director Leticia Britos Cavagnaro and her team will take you on a journey to learn the design thinking process. This methodology for...

  • Financing New Ventures

    November 04, 2013
    January 31, 2014
    By Stephanie Marrus and Naeem Zafar
    Entrepreneurship Center at UCSF

    Financing New Ventures

    This course examines the range of financing options that a life science/healthcare company has at the startup phase of its life cycle. In this difficult financing environment, ventures need to look to any and all...

  • Lead Like an Entrepreneur

    Starting March 24, 2014
    By David Bradford and Allan Cohen
    Babson Global

    Lead Like an Entrepreneur

    This is an action-oriented course to help develop your entrepreneurial leadership skills, whether or not you intend to start a new business. It will help you reexamine your mindset about leadership -- constantly...