Today’s workforce is dealing with rapid technological changes and globalization and needs to engage in continual learning, a function that traditional educational systems are not well-equipped to serve. There is a growing need for executive education and professional development providers to fill these needs by providing relevant, engaging learning experiences.


Professionals who think that learning is an important factor in their current roles.


Average job tenure in the United States (per Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2014)


Learners who prefer online courses to traditional classrooms.

Top Organizations Choose NovoEd

Today's Busy Professionals

Today’s professionals are holding more jobs for a shorter period of time,–the average job tenure in the U.S. is now just 4.6 years, underlining greater turnover and a rise in “second careers” and contract work. This, along with rapid organizational changes, is leading to higher demand than ever for quality training. In a recent survey, employees reported spending 4 hours a week learning, both within and outside their organizations.

Modern Learning Needs

Modern learners, and this includes learners of all ages, have adapted to the technology ubiquitous in everyday life. They use a myriad of apps and call up knowledge easily at their fingertips. They develop and nurture social relationships with others through online channels. When it comes to learning, modern learners are not only comfortable with technology–they often prefer it, because of the flexibility it offers them to learn on their own terms.

Challenges for Education Providers

Educational institutions hold a great deal of expertise, which itself is widely acknowledged. What is sometimes questioned is whether this expertise can be conveyed in a way that is relevant for professional learners. Organizations are demanding that what is learned can be directly applied in their organizational settings. This requires and adapting to each customers needs and taking an action learning approach.

Business schools need to develop capabilities to enable the learning to occur almost any time and any place, sometimes just-in-time
Joy Lubeck, et. al.
Future Trends in Business Education, Executive Core

The NovoEd Solution

The NovoEd experiential learning platform is utilized by top business schools and executive education programs worldwide. Founded by two Stanford researchers, the NovoEd platform is designed to facilitate an engaging social environment for online learners, with team-based collaborative learning, project-based assignments, and robust quizzing, exam, and peer-evaluation functions. You can replicate the vibrant social classroom environment, while allowing the flexibility today’s professionals are looking for.

Specific features of the platform supporting this type of learning includes the following:

Modern, mobile experience

Intuitive design and navigation works with any device screen

Project Assignments

Project-based assignments that allow for individual or team submissions


Robust team functionality to form teams, brainstorm, and collaborate virtually


Structured and informal peer evaluations of peers’ work

"We are starting to see great executive education programs responding to the changing needs of their client organizations. Clients want relevant content that can have a meaningful impact on their business, and are looking for partners that are able to meet their needs."
Jen Hu
Director, Client Development, NovoEd

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