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Engage & Scale: CEMEX University’s Digital Ecosystem


CEMEX, a global building materials company headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico with close to $14 billion in revenue and over 40,000 employees worldwide, provides industry-leading construction products and solutions in more than 50 countries. CEMEX has been in business since the early 1900s and recognizes that to exceed customer expectations for the next 100 years, they need to become more agile, innovative, and digitally savvy.

CEMEX is in the midst of a digital transformation. The transformation began in earnest in 2015 and is changing how employees are engaging with external and internal customers. Employees are being challenged to develop a growth mindset and enhance their skills for their jobs of today while preparing for their jobs of tomorrow. CEMEX University was created to support employee skill development during this cultural evolution and to help the business become a digitally enabled learning organization.

Scaling the Learning Experience

Carlos Delgado, Manager of CEMEX University, and his team were tasked with leading this digital learning initiative and to instill a culture of growth, development, and agility across the global company. When the initiative began, CEMEX hosted an in-person, instructor-led training (ILT) that reached 1,000 learners. The team was thrilled with the enthusiastic response from participants and quickly began to consider how they might scale the program to18,000 online employees with the existing technology and resources.

“We realized that scaling engaging learning experiences to reach more learners could not be done solely under the ILT model.”

– Luis Fernando Gonzalez Hernandez, CEMEX University Manager

The Age of Digital Transformation

The team identified and defined the digital learning capabilities desired for CEMEX University to overcome the challenges associated with delivering a learning program that scales with quality and impact.

  • Learning is an exciting experience
  • Learning communities are developed
  • Learning analytics are feasible
  • Brief and engaging media is available
  • Just-in-time on any device
  • Communications are seamlessly possible
  • Self-paced learning is possible

CEMEX found that NovoEd best delivered on these capabilities.The team found that the NovoEd user experience was “really, really good” since it was developed with the learner in mind. Luis’ ecosystem of partners also felt that the content authoring tools were especially easy to use. It was important for CEMEX to be able to build their courses efficiently. “When the content for learning is CEMEX-specific, it better ignites and sparks the imagination for creating CEMEX’s future,” said Luis.

Ultimately, the CEMEX University team found that the guidance and support provided by NovoEd was the real tie-breaker. “I thought this initiative was centered around technology, but it turns out that it’s also about a passion for the learning experience.” -Luis Fernando Gonzalez Hernandez, CEMEX University Manager.

“I thought this initiative was centered around technology, but it turns out that it’s also about a passion for the learning experience.”

– Luis Fernando Gonzalez Hernandez, CEMEX University Manager

Delivering on a Digital Learning Experience

Since launching the CEMEX University Digital Learning Ecosystem on the NovoEd Learning Delivery Platform, CEMEX has scaled its program to include five academies and over 15 digital learning experiences. By the end of 2018, CEMEX University will reach approximately 13,000 learners. CEMEX University’s Global Learning Strategy Team is working toward democratizing CEMEX University’s learning opportunities to the broader organization and is exploring new technologies to create a delightful learner experience.

“This is just the beginning of our transformation. I consider myself to be very lucky to be on this journey at CEMEX,” Luis reflects in conclusion.






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