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Change Training: How Capital Group Created a Digital Data-Informed Learning Environment

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Capital Group, one of the world’s most established and largest investment management organizations with $2.2 trillion in assets under management, recently looked to upgrade its learning programs to deliver better experiences for its employees. The organization partnered with NovoEd to transition these programs to a more dynamic digital platform. 

As Sheldon Ellis, Capital Group Vice President and Senior Manager of Training & Development, put it: “We decided, ‘You know what? We need to get out of the business of building systems to deliver our content, and deliver our content in industry-leading systems.’” 

At the time, Capital Group was in the midst of improving its customer servicing systems. The company serves as advisors to 67 million customers and investors, requiring a multitude of steps to keep their systems up to date — this ongoing organizational process became known internally as change training. Capital Group needed to teach its employees who already knew how to do their jobs what was changing and how to use the new tools successfully. With the NovoEd integration, deep training analytics showed that learners were able to progress through the content with confidence, allowing facilitators to make adjustments in real time to fill gaps as team members learned new systems simultaneously. 

An additional Capital Group learning program that was put into the spotlight during this transition was the company’s employee onboarding and new hire training. As Capital Group invests meaningfully in its new associates, learning & development leaders have formulated a 5-6-month onboarding program that is broken up into a series of smaller courses centered on the ability to practice, receive peer-to-peer feedback, and build confidence. 

Learn how Capital Group created a community of practice in which the facilitation team, business users, subject matter experts, managers, quality team, and other stakeholders got together and created a culture of change training within its organization. Watch the video above.

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