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Leveraging Intentional Learning Goals for Better Outcomes

Watch this session with NovoEd specialists Drew Remiker and Becky Dozier as they discuss the value of setting goals to support real-time granular data on learner activity and progress.

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“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

– Albert Einstein

A wise man once encouraged us to find happiness through the achievement of goals. How can we apply this in the world of learning? Join the conversation in our new roundtable series, The More You NovoEd, as we explore how NovoEd can bring happiness to your learners and administrators through the creation and tracking of goals.

By setting key milestones and targets for your learners, your NovoEd experience becomes “gamified.” Your learners experience a dopamine rush and are motivated to “level up” either through competition or a sense of personal accomplishment. And now, NovoEd makes it easier for administrators to know where everyone is at a glance with our new Learner Progress Dashboard, powered by real-time data on learner activity and progress.

In this 45-minute on-demand session, we discuss:

  • Approaches to defining course completion
  • Leveraging points and competition
  • Defining automatic completion criteria
  • Tracking learner progress with our newly released Learner Progress Dashboard

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Join the conversation facilitated by your hosts from members of NovoEd’s Solutions Consulting and Strategic Consulting Services teams and dive deep into both existing and new features to learn more about NovoEd. The more you know about NovoEd, the greater the value you can bring to your organization through your learning initiatives. 

This new series is a recurring opportunity for participants to engage with other NovoEd users for best practices and idea exchange and to create connections within the greater NovoEd community.