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Pick up swag, enter a raffle, see a demo, and join us at
Booth #3519 in the Expo Hall

Monday, May 20
10:30-11am CT
Expo Hall Demo Stage

Speaker Mic

In this demo session, we’ll explore the advent of flexible learning platforms that encourage agile content development and centralized delivery, while providing rich data insights to better meet the needs of today’s workforce.

We’ll give real-world examples on how Fortune 500s drive greater engagement and meet the shifting needs of employees through modularized, agile skills development — and how lessons they have learned can apply to your organization.

Tuesday, May 21
2-3pm CT, Expo Hall


NovoEd is this year’s proud sponsor of the Expo Floor mixer! Enjoy a choice of three microbrews and two NOLA cocktails (non-alcoholic available) — as well as yummy treats and networking opportunities!

Scan our QR code on signage at the refreshment stations in several locations around the Expo floor during the mixer to enter a NovoEd raffle for $250 gift cards and opportunities to guest star in an episode of our NovoEDTalks podcast.

Podcast Tapings Live on the Expo Floor!
Ongoing During Expo Hours – All Days

Leadership Development

Learning leaders, we’d like to showcase your expertise in a 20-minute taping for our NovoEDTalks podcast that will take place on the Expo floor!

In NovoEDTalks, we ask learning professionals to share their insights and best practices, their views on the latest developments in the industry, and how L&D is approached at various organizations. 

Being a podcast guest is a great opportunity to give your personal brand more exposure. Your interview would sit alongside folks from organizations like Disney, Salesforce, and ADP. If you’re down for a 20-minute casual chat with us at ATD, email us at

Schedule a meeting with us at ATD ICE 2024!