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New Learning Experience Design

Learning Experience Design

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Elevate your digital learning experiences

Leverage LXD to tackle organizational challenges with the free course that has helped more than 15,000 learners on six continents since 2016 create high-impact, engaging learning experiences using digital pedagogy and instructional design best practices.

Join us for five weeks in June and July for Learning Experience Design: From Ideas to Impact, an SHRM-certified NovoEd course that will enable participants to think in a more powerful way about learning experiences, your role, your network, and your learners. This newly redesigned course will offer training, assignments, and peer-to-peer learning with colleagues around the world on a powerful and sophisticated social learning platform. It is designed to provide participants with immediate application and real-world, practical results.

Course Outcomes:

  • Create a purposeful vision for a tangible real-world business need that can be addressed through learning design
  • Apply techniques to better understand the business and social-emotional needs of key stakeholders and target audiences
  • Assess your organization’s functional, structural, and technical readiness for design-driven learning
  • Use rapid prototyping techniques to gaining feedback from experts and peers, and de-risk your ideas
  • Showcase your skills by creating and presenting a learning design blueprint that serves as a business plan for your strategic learning initiative  

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LXD Journey

Experiential learning at work

Learning Experience Design will help you master concepts and drive change in just weeks online. Gain the skills necessary to create learning experiences in high-impact areas such as:

  • Leadership development
  • Onboarding
  • Sales enablement
  • Design thinking and innovation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Upskilling and reskilling

Put learning design into practice

Through facilitation, mentoring, peer-to-peer insights, teamwork with your cohorts, and instruction that employs a variety of resources, the Learning Experience Design course will offer you a dynamic experience and the opportunity to make connections in a vibrant online learning community.

And you’ll put your learning design into practice. Course participants will gain practical experience with learning design tools, concepts, and strategies to create their own design blueprint that addresses a tangible business need.

After completing the course, you will receive your LXD Certificate of Completion to share with your network.

Join more than 15,000 alumni from leading organizations

“I have to commend the NovoEd team for developing such a high-quality online course and making it FREE. They found a perfect balance to demonstrate the platform, share internal and external industry expertise, and provide a meaningful learning experience.”

LXD Course Alumni

“I thought the course was extremely helpful. I was able to create an effective learning module in a way shorter amount of time than before. Making sure to always focus on the learning objectives and finding new ways to keep the learners engaged was great.”

LXD Course Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

I took the previous version of LXD a few years ago. Is this different enough to take again?

Yes. While some of the concepts may be familiar, the new LXD includes brand-new activities that will help you assess your business’s organizational, functional, and technical readiness for strategic learning initiatives. Plus, you’ll rejoin a community of global professionals who are solving some of today’s hardest challenges.

Can I register and complete alone or should I take the course with teammates?

Yes, you can take the course alone. You’ll build career-enhancing skills, meet a global network of professionals, and can join affinity groups. Working in teams is not only fun, but can be more productive. You have the option to set up a private group where you can collaborate with other members of your organization to design solutions to shared challenges.

What do you mean by a blueprint?

A blueprint is a personalized, actionable plan for using learning experience design to create meaningful impact at your organization. Think of it as a roadmap and methodology that defines and frames your vision for learning within your organization and describes how you will get there. The blueprinting process starts with defining your organizational vision for learning and then prompts you to reflect on and document the key elements that will support the successful implementation of a learning experience design plan. These elements include your big idea for LXD, organizational/functional/technological readiness, and your LXD approach, scope, and plan.

What’s the difference between the two blueprint options?

The activities in this course are designed to help you create your very own blueprint. Depending on your role, there are two options: LXD Blueprint for Design Leads, and LXD Blueprint for Business Leads. Both project plans use similar methodologies but are applied somewhat differently. The project for designers is an actionable plan for a course or learning experience. The project for decision-makers is an actionable plan for a learning strategy.

I’m going to be on vacation during the course. Will I still be able to take it?

Yes. We’re all looking forward to the summer and understand that many may have vacation plans, especially in the U.S. around July 4th. We are planning to release part 3 of the course on July 1 with a recommended two weeks to complete. We do recommend that you get at least some of the work done during that time period so that you can connect with peers and get feedback on your blueprints. The course will, however, remain open for several weeks so you can submit your final projects and earn your certificate of completion.

What is learning experience design (LXD)?

Learning Experience Design (LXD) is a multidisciplinary approach to training that recognizes that most learning happens not by instruction, but through experience. By intentionally combining learning science with the principles of human-centered design — as well as social and behavioral psychology — learning experience design results in contextualized, outcome-oriented experiences where the learner leaves with something to remember. At its very best, LXD can develop capabilities to adapt to new situations, bridge the gap between concept and practice, create a safe space to experiment and fail, and allow accurate assessment of new skills.

What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning connects the transfer of new knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios through situated learning experiences. It is a process that accelerates learning by layering critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making on top of real-world experiences. At its core, experiential learning is active, contextual, collaborative and blended.

What is the difference between learning experience design and instructional design?

Traditional Instructional Design is dated. Learning doesn’t happen through instruction but through experiences. The hallmarks of Learning Experience Design – collaboration, social learning, active facilitation, practice and application, project-based learning, and peer feedback – not only improve the training but also create shifts in mindsets and behaviors.

I signed up for Foundations of Learning Experience Design. What has changed?

The course has been updated to include new activities that build valuable business skills to articulate your vision for learning experiences and assess organizational readiness. In the old version of the course, the culmination of the project was a module design. In the new version, there are two options: a course design plan or a learning strategy plan. What stays the same? A highly interactive learning experience with a global cohort of learners and experts. You will have the same opportunities for practical application, discussion and feedback, and interaction with experts.