We at NovoEd have had the pleasure to offer several sessions of our Foundations of Learning Experience Design course, for free to participants from all over the world who are looking to create great learning experiences. We selected four learners who successfully completed the latest course to highlight here. We interviewed them to get their thoughts on the course, and had them talk about the learning modules they designed as part of the course. Enjoy their stories!


Participant #1: Larry Enohnyaket

Title: CEO

Company: Nchang Ventures Limited

Location: Nigeria


Learning online has been a very convenient way of gaining new skills without disrupting  my normal daily routine, especially working at my own pace. As someone who has taken a number of courses on the NovoEd platform, I again approached NovoEd to search for more interesting courses that are in tune with what I plan to do in future.

Experience in the LXD Course:

One of my biggest surprises in the course is that even someone like myself who does not have a teaching background is able to actually package and deliver instructional material at the end of the course due to the logical presentation of the course content in a very simple manner.

What I like most about the course is the richness of content, simplicity of presentation and above all, the feedback I got from other learners which greatly assisted me to correct my mistakes where I went wrong.

Module Assignment Topic: Running an Advocacy Campaign

I was inspired to design a module around running an advocacy campaign as a result of my belief that for any meaningful change to take place, there must be proper and adequate sensitization and enlightenment of the public to garner support to ease the expected outcome. Moreover, as change agents, social impact leaders and non-profits including social entrepreneurs need to develop the skill of advocacy as it would seriously impact on their mission.


Participant #2: Daniel Lock

Title: Senior eLearning Designer

Company: WDR Learning Technologies

Location: Brighton, England


I’m very new to the e-learning industry. I’ve taken similar courses with the basics of instructional design and viewed some video tutorials.

Experience in the LXD Course:

The framing and role-play videos were a really nice informal way of starting off each week. The content was very concise, and you knew exactly what you were going to be learning.

What will you take away from the course?

As a result of this course, I’m going to help my clients be more clear about their learning objectives. When I ask about certain content they’ve chosen, I can ask, “Why is this necessary?” If it is clear they haven’t thought about it, it will be quite an interesting conversation to have.

Module Assignment Topic: Common Food Hazards

I don’t get to do much instructional design, mostly development work. So I mostly needed content for a course, and my mother is a food hygene inspector and she does training for a restaurant. I started with just an exercise, but I want to take the whole booklet [that she uses] and turn it into an online program. She doesn’t believe this sort of thing can be taught online, but I wanted to convince her that it can.


Participant #3: Angela Branum

Title: Learning and Development Coordinator

Company: Western Wisconsin Health

Location: River Falls, Wisconsin, United States


I was in nursing for seven years, then worked in clinical IT, then training. I’ve been a mentor with nursing students and I love education. I’ve been in it for a year and a half.

Experience in the LXD Course:

The balance was so well done between theory and application. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with people all over the world.

The best part was the scope of the project. It was so doable. We focused on just one thing: one module. This made it very simply to apply the principles. You actually put something together in this course bit by bit. There is something real at the end of the experience.

Module Topic: SMART Goals

I’m working on manager education in our facility and created e-learning modules on tactical management skills, how to interview, and financial basics. We’re strongly pushing SMART goals with our managers and employees.


Participant #4: Ana Mazariego Priego

Title: Junior HR Consultant

Company: KPMG Firm

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Experience in the LXD Course:

I love this way of learning and hope that most companies use these types of tools. I took a course on NovoEd with +Acument and Ideo.org. I love the platform and the courses were free.

The course was oriented towards project based learning, so all the assignments are aligned to a specific goal. I know it is difficult to follow up with assignments, but the learning you can absorb is amazing. It’s really significant.

This is a subject that all consultants use, so I plan to show this course to people on the change team.

Module Assignment Topic: Communication Strategy for Change Management

I have some expertise in the subject of communication, and I was trying to do something not too difficult for me. I thought a lot about my experience when I have to do a communication strategy plan.